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Super PileUp!

Super PileUp!

Ball droppin' fun!
Super Letter Linker Promo

Super Letter Linker

Link letters to create words!
Super Collapse! II Promo

Super Collapse! II

Blockbuster hit! Super popular action puzzle game.
Super Glinx! Promo

Super Glinx!

Link shapes to clear them.
Super Mah Jong

Super Mah Jong

A meditative game for all ages.
Super Candy Cruncher

Super Candy Cruncher

Swap tasty candy bits to make matches.
Super Nisqually

Super Nisqually

A thinking puzzle game for everyone.
Super 5-Line Slots

Super 5-Line Slots

Place your bets, and let the good times spin. Remember, this is for fun, sorry no cash awards.
Super Gem Drop Promo

Super Gem Drop

Drop jewels in columns of matching color.
Super TextTwist

Super TextTwist

Unscramble the letters to make words!

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